HESA-COC -Origanum-Oil 100ml




HESA-COC -Origanum-Oil –
Liquid and Powder.
Contains natural herbal essences on basis of essential oils. By naturally developing its active substances Hesa Coc helps to digest the food easier which prevents the penetration of coccidiosis, worms, bacteria and fungus into the pigeons organism.
Give during racing, breeding and no free range activities because during this time the pigeons often get indigestion and diarrhea. For young pigeons give Hesa-Coc early enough to prevent indigestion.
Dosage: -liquid: 24 drops into 1 liter water, 5-8 days long. prophylactic: 12 drops into 1 liter water, 3 days long.
-powder: 1-3 grams into 1 kg food, 5-8 days long. prophylactic:0,5-1 gr. into 1 kg food, 3 days long.
contents: liquid: 100 ml


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