PRO-CHOICE GOLD Pro & Prebiotic


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ProChoice Gold. PROBIOTIC and PREBIOTIC combined in this essential supplement or all horses/ponies, especially those prone to colic or stress. A unique combination of a live yeast culture and prebiotics, for the maximum range of benefits. Greatly improves complete digestion, utilisation of feed and nutrients. Activates the natural fibre digesting bacteria in the horse’s hind gut (Caecum). Enhances palatability of feed and encourages even fussy eaters. Helps to maintain condition all year round. Improves coat (throughout the year) and hoof condition. Growth rate of young horses, particularly in bone development. Aids recuperation following illness, medication (especially antibiotics) or worm infestation. Up to 300kg -1.5 scoops daily. 300-600kg – 2 scoops daily. Over 600kg – 2 scoops daily. 1 scoop = 10g


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