GLUCOSAMINE HCL (PURE) Equine Joint Support


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Looking for straight purest Glucosamine HCL (as recommended by many veterinarians) at a unbeatable price. Aviform Glucosamine Hydrochloride is pharmaceutical grade, with a guaranteed purity of, at the very least 99%. Please don’t confuse with cheap Glucosamine Sulphate/2KCL which offers a much lower purity (typically 75%) and we don’t add anything to make the product appear better value. To ensure we offer the very best, our products are routinely independently tested for purity. No added fillers or bulkers, 100% pure pharmaceutical grade materials, Vegetarian source offering greater utilisation than standard hydrochloride or sulphate, Nourishes, conditions, replenishes and lubricates the cartilage in joints, Aids repair process, Helps guard against further injury, No side effects. Suitable for long term administration, Aids mobility in older horses, Enhances the joints of older horses, Maintains level in the joints of glycosaminoglycans (GAG’S), Enhances the Hyaluronate content in the joint – a key component of Synovial Fluid (joint lubricant), Up to 300kg – half (5g) scoop each day. 300-600kg – 1 scoop (10g) each day. Over 600kg – 1.5 scoop (15g) each day. 1 scoop = 10g


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