EQUABLE Natural Equine Calmer


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A unique blend of ingredients carefully chosen for their exceptional relaxing and calming properties. Suitable for all nervous, excitable and highly strung horses and ponies. Assists all stressful situations such as travelling, showing, veterinary and shoeing. Very economical and effective. Palatable liquid. 100% Natural. Fast acting. No side effects. C & T Test – All Aviform Liquid Equine Formulations are in independently tested for Caffeine and Theobromine to ensure they are completely safe for competition horses. Up to 300kg – Initial 10 days 30ml per day and 15ml per day thereafter. 300-600kg – Initial 10 days 50ml per day and 25ml per day thereafter. Over 600kg – Initial 10 days 80ml* per day and 30ml per day thereafter. Equable is fast acting – you should see the product start to work almost straight away, and is therefore suitable when immediate results are required. Valerian free


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