O' Canis Highlander Beef 90g


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O´Canis Highlander Beef
O’Canis Original Highlander Beef is a supplement
that is 100 % made of highlader beef. It is a meat snack that has low
cholesterol level and helps to clean teeth. O’Canis Original Highlander Blef has
no artificial add-ons, and therefore it is perfect for dogs suffering from
allergies. It should be noticed that it maintains its original taste due to the
fact that it is gently processed. This natural snack is not only tasty but also
works perfectly as a reward during training or walking your dog. O’Canis
Original Highlander Beef was our first product to be widely recognized among dog
owners, mainly due to the process of its production and top quality ingredients.
O’Canis Original Highlander Beef can be easily broken into smaller parts which
makes it easy to serve.
O’Canis Original Highlander Beef is packed into a
Scottish tartan packaging that guarantees top quality and exclusiveness.
Beef (100%)Highland beef
crude protein 44,8%crude fat 37,7%crude ash
5,68%calcium 0,91%phosphorus 0,53%
90 g packaging


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