O' Canis deer meat cigars 5pcs per packet


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O´Canis deer meat cigars
O’Canis deer meat cigars is a diet supplement
that is 100 % made out of deer meat. The cigars are healthy and made entirely
out of dear meat. O’Canis deer meat is a snack that will give your dog a lot of
fun between different meals. We use lean deer meat which is later shaped into
the form of cigars and gently dried. O’Canis deer meat cigars has no sugar,
attractants or artificial add-ons, therefore, it is perfect for dogs which have
sensitive intestines and may be also used as a snack during training sessions
with your dog.
Deer meat is lean and rich in protein, therefore,
it supports the oxygen transport within blood cells.
O’Canis deer meat cigars is packed into a heat
sealed foil packaging that keeps all smells inside.O’Canis’ deer meat
cigars is a perfect gift for everyone who has a dog.To sum up, it is a
healthy and tasty snack for every dog.
Deer meat (100%)
crude protein 72%crude fat 4%crude ash 4%crude fiber
5 pieces in a packaging
fresh ingredientsgentle drying process no
chemical add-ons no
artificial flavors no
artificial dye natural no
preservatives no


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