Skinner's Field & Trial Salmon & Rice Hypoallergenic 15kg


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This product is zero rated which means no vat to be added, so please use the following discount code when you checkout so the 20% vat is deducted, otherwise our site system adds 20% onto the total. So use this code if you purchase this product: ZeroRatedVat20%Suitable for all working dogs with sensitivities or allergies.• A hypoallergenic diet for working dogs, that has been specifically formulated to exclude ingredients that are known to cause sensitivities or allergies.• Contains Scottish salmon from a sustainable source, whole rice, naked oats and peas.• Free from wheat gluten, maize gluten and barley gluten, soya and dairy products.• Free from artificial flavourings, colourants and preservatives.• Formulated to give an excellent balance of Omega 3:6 fatty acids, which can help support your dog’s immune system.• Contains enhanced levels of Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help protect the joints of your dog.• Coated in natural sunflower oil to help maintain a healthy coat condition.Ingredients: Whole rice (40%), salmon meal (17.5% dry weight), naked oats, peas, sunflower oil, whole linseed, beet pulp, vitamins and minerals.Typical Analysis: Protein 20%, Oil 12%, Fibre 3.5%, Ash 5.5%RRP: £31.99 Per 15kg sack


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