Skinner's Field & Trial Muesli Mix 15kg


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This product is zero rated which means no vat to be added, so please use the following discount code when you checkout so the 20% vat is deducted, otherwise our site system adds 20% onto the total. So use this code if you purchase this product: ZeroRatedVat20%A muesli mix with a natural coating, suitable for all adult working dogs.• An appetising mix of meat, cooked peas, steam cooked flaked cereals and crunchy biscuits.• Carefully formulated to meet the energy requirements of adult dogs in moderate working conditions.• Coated with wheat glucose syrup which gives the food added natural flavour and a distinctive texture.• Excellent levels of bio-available carbohydrate for sustained energy and stamina.Ingredients: Protein pellets containing beef meat meal, wheat glucoe syrup, cooked flaked maize, extruded wholewheat biscuits, cooked flaked peas, cooked wheatflakes, oils, vitamins and minerals.Typical Analysis: Protein 21%, Oil 8%, Fibre 3%, Ash 9%RRP: £18.99 Per 15kg sack


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