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Excessive amount of hardened ear stain and debris can encourage the growth of bacteria, fungus and ear mites. This causes inflammation, foul odour and earache. Suitable for use on all dogs, cats and small furry animals.

EAR NORM has been designed for easy removal of ear stain & debris that harbour ear mites, relieves itching. Gets rid of bacteria and fungus. Treat Otitis Externa.

Posology: Instil the ear canal with a few drops of EAR- NORM ( more if necessary). Massage gently the base of the ear. Then cleanse ear gently with gauze or cotton bud. May repeat once daily or every few days. Once the condition has improved, maintain cleansing once or twice a week.

Composition and Presentation:
Contains dual effective action of a suitable mix of acidifiers combined with all natural ingrediesnts with antibacterial effect: Tea Tree Oil, Neem, Ylang Ylang, water of roses in a suitable liquid base.

100 ml plastic bottle in special nozzle.


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