Versele Laga Oropharma Forma-Vit Tablets x 50


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Versele Laga Oropharma Forma-Vit Tablets are a vitamin tablet enriched with L-carnitine. This dietary supplement provides essential vitamins and optimal energy supply during competitions and ensures increased crop milk production during the breeding season.The complete multivitamin blend provided by Forma-Vit pills is essential for pigeons in periods of heavy exertion such as during competitions and the breeding season.Pack of 50 Tablets.Feeding Guide: 1 Forma-Vit tablet administered directly in the beak.Short distance: the day before basketing.Middle and Long Distance: the day before and the day of basketing. In cases of reduced condition or after illness: twice a week.During the moult and breeding period: twice a week.Analytical constituentsCrude protein 11.91%, Crude fat 9.07%, Crude ash 1.55%, Crude fibre 3.79%, Sodium 200 mg/kgCompositionLactose Cellulose


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