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Victory Powerpills 3000+ is an energy and resistance-supporting vitamin preparation, containing vitamins B and C, ribose, folic acid, chlorella and ginseng extract.Victory Powerpills 3000+ is rich in vitamins B, C and folic acid which have a reinforcing action on the nerves, keep the muscles healthy, and are important for the good functioning of the defence system.Victory Powerpills 3000+ mainly contains chlorella, an alga having the powerful concentration of all feed stuffs (aminoacids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzyms, oligoelements and nucleinic acids) and restores the deficit of these. Chlorella has a high content of vitamin B12, protein, iron, calcium and zinc.Chlorella reinforces the immune system thanks to its extraordinary composition of essential materials, restores the intestinal flora, and improves the functioning of the intestins, purifies the blood and stimulates the forming of blood. Chlorella helps against tiredness and stress.Ribose has an extremely high energetic value so that there is a surprising improvement of the endurance, it supports the forming of muscles, and it improves the physical condition.Ginseng extract is a natural, stimulating substance improving the power, increasing the resistance to infections and stress and stimulating the muscles. Ginseng extract enhances the urges (stimulates the urge of mating), builds up physical condition, and accelerates the recuperation power.DIRECTIONS FOR USE :- Apply before basketing :- speed : 1 pill on the day before basketing- middle distance : 2 pills on the day before basketing- long distance : 2 pills on the day of basketing- very long distance : 2 pills before and on the day of basketing- When arriving home after a flight : 1 to 2 pills – In the case of weakened pigeons : 1 to 2 pills a day during 1 week- During the breeding period : 1 pill, 5 consecutive days before laying the first eggINGREDIENTS :- Vitamin B1, – Vitamin B2, – Vitamin B3, – Vitamin B6, – Vitamin B12, – Vitamin C, – Folic acid, – Chlorella, – Ginseng extract. PACKAGING- Tube of 150 pills.


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