Vanhee Vanergy 13000+ (muscle build up & energy)


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MUSCLE BUILD UP & ENERGY – energy booster – Supplement animal feed for pigeons.


– For a maximum energy storage and increase of the endurance.
– Supports the muscle formation and improves the condition, helps to convert the stored fats into energy.
– For a fast recuperation, already during and after the flight.
– Is nerves strengthening, reduces fatigue and improves the absorption and the use of sugars.
– Chlorella, an alga, reinforces the immune system, supports the intestinal flora and the fertility, and purifies the blood. Is a source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and chlorophyll.
– Improves the oxygen absorption.

Excellent in combination with Van-Teunisbloemolie (evening primrose oil)13500, Van-Oliemix 10500, Van-Biergist liquid (liquid beer yeast) 17000 and Van-Endurance 15500.


1 tablespoon per kg feed:

– Youngsters during the growth: twice a week.
– During the flight season: start 10 days before the flight season, 3 times a week. Moisten using Van-Teunisbloemolie (evening primrose oil) 13500 or Van-Oliemix 10500.
– After the flight: for a fast recuperation, in combination with Van-Biergist liquid (liquid beer yeast) 17000.

– Beer yeast
– organic phosphorus
– HCA (hydroxy citric acid)
– carnitine
– taurine
– OPC extract (grape seed extract)
– ginseng extract
– chromiumchelate
– vitamine B6
– diluted with dextrose,
– chlorella and ribose as feedstuff.

Crude proteins 10,6 % – crude fat < 0,3 % - crude fibre < 0,3% - crude ash 1,2 % - total humidity 0 %. PACKAGING - 500 grams bottle


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