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Trikanox Gem is a 100 % natural product, which strengthens the immune system , removes fungi and trichomonas plays a very effective way of both pigeons and birdsTRIKANOX represents a significant step forward in pigeon healthcare and provides fanciers with a totally natural product containing three powerful active ingredients which work together to boost the pigeons defences against diseases. Two of these properties have been shown by independent research to exhibit anti-protozoal and anti fungal properties.* Active Component 1 – Mixed AlkaloidsThe first component of TRIKANOX is a mixture of plant Alkaloids with the dominant one being Berberine, which has been scientifically proven to have extensive activity in preventing the growth of many micro-organisms including protozoa such as Trichomonas.* Active Component 2 – AllicinThe second active component of TRIKANOX is allicin. This non antibiotic sulphur containing plant ingredient is now recognised as having a dramatic inhibitory effect on a wide range of micro-organisms including protozoa.* Active Component 3 – EchinacosidesThe plant family Echinacea has long been associated with beneficial effects on the immune system. Scientific evidence is now showing that certain components within the plant are largely responsible for these effects. The end result is that the Echinacosides can boost the pigeons normal defense mechanismsINDICATIONS:- Strengthens the immune system- Cash to eliminate and prevent mold- Effective against trichomoniasis and other diseases caused by bacteriaCOMPOSITION:Gem Trikanox is based on three 100% natural active ingredients :- Mixed Alkaloids- Allicin- EchinacosidesPACKAGING:- 100gr


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