Gem Aqua Guard 500 ml


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Gem Aqua Guard 500 ml (Excellent disinfectant for water)INDICATIONS- Specific mixture of organic acids decontaminating drinking water.- Helps improve the health of the pigeon in general.- Protect water: bacteria, fungi, viruses and yeasts.- Lower the pH of drinking water, which minimizes the risk of disease-causing pathogens.- Helps improve digestion of the bird.- Fully organic and harmless to birds.- Makes the water more enjoyable on the palate and reduces problems with loose stools.- It can also be used to disinfect feeding, watering and diverse material.HOW TO USE- To disinfect water: dilute 5 ml of Aqua Guard per 2.5 liters of drinking water.- It can be safely administered every day for drinking or use 3-4 times a week.- Vitamins can be given at the same time, but the water must be changed after 24 hours.- Do not use probiotics when the product is administered.- Can be used for drinkers, feeders, etc. Dose: 20 ml per liter of water. Wash the equipment thoroughly and then sterilized in Aquaguard. Rinse with clean water.FORMAT:500 ml bottle


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