Mugmo Drops (A great preventative of Trichomoniases and Coryza)


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A strong disinfectant for the nostrils, for the cure of rattles – canker -slime and other afflictions of the nostrils, the beak and thoat of the pigeons.

A great preventative of Trichomoniases and Coryza (snot).

How do you know that your pigeons have this diseases ?

– Below are few signs of this disease :
– Do you see pigeons that open their beaks wide, and smack or have slime in their throats ?
– Do you hear from time to time “tchic” ?
– Do your birds have dirty nostrils ?
– Do you birds scratch their head or nose with their feet ?
– After flying, do they sit with their beaks wide open ?

As a precautionary measure :

To avoid contamination in the basket during racing season, put one drop of Mugmo X Colman in the nostrils when they come home from the race.

As a cure from infection :

1 drop daily in each nostril for a period of one week.

We also advise you, to give 1 tablespoon os Antico X Colman in 1 litre of drinking water during the treatment to bring the droppings back to normal.


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