Colman Super Souveraine Powder 250gr (purifies the organism)


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This wonderful powder purifies the organism and relieves the liver of poisonous acids.

The sportive exertion leave very harmful substances in the muscle system of the pigeon and fills the liver with poisonous acids which upset the system of the pigeon and prevent her from accumelating new strenght reserves.

The same thig occurs during moulting time.

The Super souveraine Powder Colman has as its goal nuetralization of these harmful acids and at the same create a beneficial relief of the liver.

This product also greatly helps the appetite.

Directions :

Super souveraine Powder Colman is indispensable on monday, thus after the homecoming from the race.

It is best to dilute 1 teaspoon of Super souveraine Powder Colman in one litre of drinking water and have it available for the birds.

The same dose during moulting time.

For the nestyoungsters : 1 pinch of Super souveraine Powder Colman in the beak from the 6st day on.

But don’t forget Souveraine Pills with vitamins Colman.

– Box of 250 grams


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