FORCE 12+DMG Hyper Pre Race Booster


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FORCE 12 + DMG Pre Race BOOSTER for Racing Pigeons – Instantly bio-available, high potency co enzyme of vitamin B12, now with an added charge of DMG, as a liquid nutritional supplement for administration prior to basketing. Over 300% better than ordinary B12 products. The ultimate pre race booster for racing pigeons. UNIQUE POINTS: Over 3 times the performance gains of standard vitamin B12. BENEFITS: Improves Performance ad Recovery. Promotes increased oxygen utilisation. Improves metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrates. INGREDIENTS: Methylcobalamin (High Bio-availabilty coenzyme form of vitamin B12) and DMG (Dimethylglycine). Not to be confused with ordinary B12 products containing Cyanocobalamin. ADMINISTRATION: Add 5ml per pint of drinking water 1 –2 days prior to basketing. May be mixed with all other Aviform products and many other pigeon products available. The most effective vitamin B 12 pre-race booster available anywhere. No loss of activity, with almost complete utilisation (unlike standard B12where 60-70% is expelled).


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