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AVIMAX SOLUTION Stamina Supplement for Racing Pigeons – Contains high bio-availabilty acetyl l-carnitine and Without doubt, the most effective nutritional pigeon stamina supplement available, with extensive scientific data and results to prove just how effective l-carnitine is. UNIQUE POINTS: Contains more 100% pure grade acetyl l-carnitine than any other pigeon supplement. BENEFITS: Promotes conversion of long chain fatty acids to energy for the flight muscles,Ensures a sustained supply of energy, Helps prevent muscle fatigue and cramp, Less lactic acid is formed during muscle work, since fatty acids rather than carbohydrates are converted to energy, Reduces the content of fatty acids in the blood by promoting their conversion to energy, Reduces breakdown of muscle tissue and helps protect muscle against injury. Much faster post race recovery, Greatly improves endurance and stamina. INGREDIENTS: 100% pure grade acetyl l-carnitine as a solution for rapid absorption. ADMINISTRATION: Add 5ml (teaspoon) or 1 pump (if provided) per pint of drinking water from Monday to Friday during racing. If you are using Avimax for more than 3 consecutive races, the above dosage can be halved. Tests have shown that after 3 consecutive weeks, this lower level is sufficient for maximum benefit. Avimax solution can be mixed with all other Aviform products and many other pigeon products available


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