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AVIFORM ULTIMATE 7 in 1 Complete Supplement for Racing Pigeons. It’s totally unique, completely natural, very economical, extremely convenient and incredibly effective. No other single nutritional pigeon supplement even comes close. The UK’s fanciers favourite pigeon product. UNIQUE POINTS are: Helps to keep your pigeons free of canker, Helps to keep your pigeons free of cocci, Helps to keep your pigeons free of worms, Detoxification of the system. BENEFITS are: Specifically formulated for racing pigeons to provide; Optimum health, Top condition, Improved stamina, Increased performance, Faster recovery after racing, Enhanced natural immunity (paramyxo, yb sickness, loose droppings), Added protection against cross infection in drinking water. Powerful antioxidants boost birds’ natural defences. INGREDIENTS: Pigeonguard ™ (exclusive to Aviform Ultimate). 13 high potency vitamins. Pure Dimethylglycine (DMG). ADMINISTRATION: Add to your pigeon’s drinking water at a rate of 5ml (teaspoon) per pint (half litre appox.) of drinking water. Use twice a week but increase to 5 days per week (Monday to Friday) during racing and periods of stress. 2x2500ml should last a loft of 40 pigeons a full season. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: You can see why Aviform Ultimate is the favoured choice of successful fanciers and top breeding establishments worldwide. Don’t forget, this is a completely natural product, which can be added to your pigeon’s drinkers throughout the year without side effects.


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