Naturavit Plus 250ml


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•contains vitamin B1, digestion of fats and carbohydrates
•contains vitamin D for a strong skeleton
•contains vitamin A for the development of young birds (combats infections and parasites)
•contains vitamin E for the proper functioning of muscles and the nervous system, positive effect on fertility.
•vitamin K prevents coagulation problems

A Multi-Vitamin Liquid Complex

Naturavit Plus guarantees a balanced supply of the entire range of vitamins, including the following, essential ones:

• vitamin B1, which permits the degradation of fatty acids and carbohydrates. The heightened metabolism of the pigeon, particularly during the racing season, highlights the enormous importance of this vitamin.

• vitamin D, which plays an important part in the regulation of the phosphocalcium metabolism. This vitamin is necessary in the formation of the skeleton.

• vitamin A, is essential for the growth of young pigeons and has anti-infectious and anti-parasitic effect.

• vitamin E, which is indispensable to optimal muscle and nerve function with a positive influence on fertility.

• vitamin K, is anti-haemorrhagic. The diet of pigeons kept in aviaries should be enriched with this vitamin.

Naturavit Plus is wholly soluble in water and pleasant-tasting. Naturavit Plus allows a rapid and complete absorption of vitamins by the pigeon. Regular administration of Naturavit Plus protects the pigeon against avitaminosis and will result in maximum racing performances.

Naturavit Plus is a multi-vitamin complex of outstanding quality and stability. It is manufactured and guaranteed by “DSM”.


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