Naturaline 1 Litre


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?contains Echinacea extracts
?increases the pigeon’s resistance
?wholesome effect on respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts
?PH-value is kept in balance in a natural way
?increases resistance against diseases
?improves performances

Greens and Plant Extract

Naturaline is a concentrated extract concocted from some fifteen varieties of selected plants and greens. Naturaline also contains Echinazea extracts that enhance the general resistance of the pigeon.

In addition to its active ingredients, this extract contains many other substances that appear to contribute to the specific action of the treatments since they can accelerate or slow up their assimilation by the digestive system.

Naturaline keeps pH-values naturally at the proper level. The component plants and greens of Naturaline have been carefully selected for their beneficial effects on the respiratory, digestive and urinary tracts. That is why pigeons that regularly receive Naturaline in their drinking water present a rosy skin, indicating that their blood is pure and free from toxins. Their plumage becomes glossy and displays a unique rich, creamy smoothness. Moreover, the pigmentation and lustre of the eye are heightened.

These external signs reflect an optimal health, which enables the pigeons to better resist disease and improve their performance.


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