Superelixer 4+ by DAC For Pigeons 1 litre


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Dac Superelixer 4+ contains the 4 main needs, which a racing pigeons needs which can be administered through out the whole year. Dac Superelixer 4+ contains the following benefits received through using Das Superelixer.1. Increases stamina and prevents infections.2. It contains important vitamins needed3. It provided nutrients and building materials for feather formulation4. It enables the birds a fast recovery after flights. Dosages:o 1 measuring cap per 2 litres of fresh drinking water=1000cc oral treatment for Racing pigeons. Advice For Use:o Store in a dry placeo Keep out of reach of direct sunlight. o Avoid direct contact with hands. Packaging: 100 gram sachetDose: 5 g for 10 kg of body weight (= 20 pigeons)Composition: • Garlic 5 %• Seaweed 7,5 %• Brewers yeast 7,5 %• Vitamins B-complex 0,1 %• Vitamins C, E, PP 2 %• Aminoacids 4 %• Minerals 0,12 %• Herbs 10 %• Apple vinegar 100 %


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