Global Herbs garlic & Apple cider vinegar 1lt


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Global HerbsApple & Garlic Cider Vinegar1ltrApple Cider Vinegar is known to have great health benefits for poultry and pigeons etc, it helps increase the acid level in the gut helping to aid digestion as well helping to reduce bacteria, can be used in times of stress to help reduce the affects as well as containing vitamins and minerals. Also contains garlic which is also very good for increased health benefits. Joint health, coat condition and vitality.This product is Unpasteurised and therefore full of original natural goodness. 5% AcidityFeeding Instructions:Pony: 25ml per dayHorse: 50ml per dayPoultry/Pigeons: 5ml per litre of drinking waterSheep: 5-10ml per dayAlpacas/Llamas: 15-30ml per dayDogs: 5ml per dayComposition:Premium apple cider vinegar containing a minimum 5% acidity. and Garlic Essence 5%RRP: £8.99


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