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AVIGOLD PLUS All-in-One Liquid Cage & Aviary Bird Tonic – NEW IMPROVED FORMULA. A unique 100% natural, high potency ‘All-in-One’ avian tonic, offering an unrivalled level of key benefits, for addition to the drinking water of cage and aviary birds. Avigold Plus offers so much more than any other single product… Unique points include: Avian specific blend of 13 high potency essential vitamins, for optimum health and condition. A special antibacterial to sanitize and eliminate harmful bacteria from the drinking water of all cage and aviary birds. A synergy of 100% natural concentrated oils. High potency formulation proves extremely economical to use. Even the smallest 80ml pack treats 100 pints of water. The large 500ml treats an incredible 625 pints, or less than 6p per pint of water. Totally safe and effective.

Key Benefits are:

Helps prevent ‘Going Light’, Helps prevent protozoa (canker/cocci), Helps combat stress, Helps eliminate wet droppings, Saves on medication, Aids recovery, Improved moulting with better feather quality, Aids intestinal health, Firmer droppings and Powerful antioxidants boost birds’ natural defences.

Vitamins A, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Nicotinamide, Panthenol, C, Biotin, K3, plus a unique synergy of 100% natural concentrated oils.

80ml & 200ml sizes – 1 pump per half litre (pint approx.) of drinking water daily (1 pump dispenses 0.7 ml).500ml size (different pump) – 1 pump per 3 litres (6 pints approx.) of drinking water daily (1 pump dispenses 4.2 ml).


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